Where Can I Sell My Product Idea

Sometimes you can sell a product idea. A product idea may be a simple suggestion in the company suggestion box. Some companies offer cash rewards or other perks for employees whose ideas they use.

If you want to sell a product idea to a company or manufacturer, my suggestion is to carefully select those whose market position may be enhanced by the use of your product idea. Where can I find such a company?

The teachings in The Inventor’s Bible: How to Market and License Your Brilliant Ideas tells you where to find the right companies, how to reach them, and how to go about negotiating the best deal.

Can I sell my product idea outright for cash to such a company? Many times large companies who are cash rich will prefer to purchase a product idea rather than license it and pay on-going royalties. However, your product idea will need to be one in a million to achieve such a feat. This is because companies normally prefer to pay on-going royalties to conserve their cashflow.

Where can I sell my product idea?

Answer this question and you’re halfway to learning how feasible it may be to sell your new product idea. See the article, “Will My (Product) Idea Sell? and Contact Docie Invention and Patent Marketing Service for more information.