How to Sell Patent Rights?

The primary ingredients you need to sell a patent are a willing buyer, and a good, broad and valid patent. The trick is to learn how to recognize if these two important elements exist for you. In some cases it may be easy to ascertain if you have the necessary ingredients to learn how to sell patent rights. In other cases, it may be harder to find out than you would ever believe.

First, let’s look at the patent you wish to sell. If you have a very meaningful and extremely valuable patent subject, you may want to have a preliminary scope and validity opinion rendered about your patent prior to offering it to sell patent rights.

The patent scope opinion helps you to understand how broad a range of features and benefits your patent will cover. The validity opinion helps to understand how strong and defendable your patent may be. Just because the US Patent & Trademark Office issues you a US Patent, there’s no guarantee that your patent will stand as valid if challenged. Obviously, the answer to these questions will help you learn more about factors effecting how to sell patent rights.

The cost for obtaining such a scope and validity may range from $20,000 to $50,000+, depending on the technology. If this is not in your budget, luckily there are ways to achieve meaningful comparable information for a portion of this cost. Docie Invention and Patent Marketing services, and the teachings of The Inventor’s Bible talk more about this subject and help you to sell your patent.

Regarding the willing buyer, who are they, and how much might they pay for your patent? How much is your patent worth to sell? Again, the scope and validity may effect the value of your patent, and in some instances they don’t effect it much. All markets and circumstances are different this way, and some buyers weigh these factors differently than others.

Luckily, there is help to get you through this seemingly complex maze of factors that may get you the answers you need to learn how to sell patent rights.

How to sell patent?

To learn more about how to sell a patent, Contact Docie Invention and Patent Marketing Service and receive a free evaluation of the patent you wish to sell.