Why should I use a marketing company to evaluate my patent?

Patent screening

A patent attorney or agent will review your invention for its potential patentability, or its scope of coverage. Patent professionals will normally not render an opinion with regard to potential marketability.

You may submit your invention to Docie Marketing with a copy of your patent, or the results of your patent search and we will render our opinion of marketability and its licensing potential.

This is not to suggest that we will be able to determine if your invention will make a million dollars based on the patent information. Rather, we use this screening process to determine if there may be limitations in the marketability of your invention.

Although, Docie Marketing has every incentive to recommend that you proceed with us for further marketing development, the fact is that more times than not, we end up advising inventors against pursuing their invention further based on the various factors we find through this screening process.

Choose our evaluation and recommendation, or Phase I services to receive this opinion.