How can I get all my services for free?

Free Advice

In some circumstances, it may be entirely possible to do the work yourself to successfully commercialize your invention. The Inventor’s Bible is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that takes you through the steps you need to potentially commercialize your invention. Here is a brief summary.

For FREE, you can investigate the retail market for your invention, interview store clerks to see what the consumers are currently doing to solve the problem that your invention addresses. These clerks can point you toward distributors and manufacture reps in your industry.

For FREE, you can learn about these channels of distribution and the names and contact information for potential licensees through your interviews with these people.

For FREE, you can (for the price of a phone call), contact distributors and manufacture reps to learn more about which manufacturing companies would be most appropriate to approach and to whom you may potentially submit your invention.

For FREE, you can access annual reports, catalogues and information about the manufacturing companies to learn more about them.

For FREE, you can contact the manufacturing companies directly on your own and learn their procedure for submitting new products and ideas to them.

For FREE (and the cost of a few copies of paper), you can submit your invention to corporations and manufacturers for their review and evaluation.

For FREE, you can field offers from companies and decide which ones you want to be dealing with.

For FREE, you can collect cash payments, royalties and bask in the sun on your own tropical island. And, if you are one of the one or two percent or so of the lucky inventors who ever had this happen, this could be your dream come true.

However, it normally does not happen this way and usually the business of marketing and licensing inventions requires a bit of expertise, experience and luck. The bottom line is, unless you do all the footwork, market research, investigation, and communication on your own, it is going to cost you something.

Either you will have to pay substantial commissions to a brokerage company, or you will have to pay a fee of some sort to help offset the expenses of the marketing company.

Docie Marketing offers several alternatives in this regard including a sliding scale that provides both a discount for services and one of the lowest commission rates in the industry. Fill out our free evaluation form for advice on how to move forward with your invention.