How can Docie Marketing save me money on Patenting?

Patent Search

Docie can help you save thousands on patenting costs by performing certain basic market research prior to patenting. We can usually do this without revealing your invention or trade secrets. Trade shows are particular useful for this.

In the vast majority of instances in which inventors approach us prior to having a patent search preformed, we advise that a patent search be performed prior to considering the services of Docie Marketing or Docie Development. Since less than one percent of all patents are ever marketed, it is very possible that even though you have never seen an invention like yours on the market, someone may have a patent on it or on something strikingly similar. The degree to which this is the case will affect your commercialization strategy.

Docie Marketing keeps a list of patent attorneys and patent agents who offer reasonably priced patent searches, prior art searches, and preliminary patent searches. Contact Docie Marketing Services to learn more today.