How can Docie Marketing’s free evaluation save me money?

Market screening

We have seen so many inventions over the past quarter century that sometimes inventors submit inventions to us that are a duplication of ones presented from the past. Additionally, because of our familiarity in many different industries, we will sometimes know about the potential non-viability of an invention from prior experience. You may not have ever seen your invention on the market, yet something similar or identical to it may have been attempted behind the scenes without common public knowledge. It would be senseless to pursue an invention that is known to have fatal barriers.

It is also very possible that your invention has commercial possibilities, however, Docie Marketing may not provide the most suitable service for your needs. In this case we will make referrals to other more appropriate services.

In the event your invention passes the patent search screening and the preliminary marketability and licenseability screening, you may qualify for one of Docie Marketing’s or Docie Development’s services.

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